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GRCE History
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The origins of the Golden Rule C. E. Union and its current member churches are listed below.

The formation of the Golden Rule Christian Endeavor Union grew out of a specific need for racial equality in the District of Columbia, in 1924.  African-American churches pulled out of the Washington, DC C.E. Union to form the Golden Rule Union.  Mr. Thaddeus Chase served as the Union's first President.  Christian Endeavor International records Golden Rule's beginning as the year 1925.  Many churchs of various denominations formed the Golden Rule C.E. Union.  Presently, only two denominations are represented:  African Methodist Episcopal Zion and Baptist.  The Union also includes a non-denominational church as its member: Bethel Church of Salvation.
Bethel Outreach Ministries (formerly Bethel Church of Salvation)  was inducted into the Union in August 1998, at the Annual Conference.  The church has been active with the Union (attending conferences, banquets, etc.) since 1995.
Contee AME Zion affiliated with GRCE in 1957.  The Varick Christian Endeavor Society of the Contee AME Zion Church was organized by Paul Leonard in May or June of 1957.  Arlene Crumblin was the society's first president.
Christian Endeavor was organized in the First Baptist Church, Georgetown in 1908.  Miss Lillian H. Ford was president and Miss Lucie R. Lewis was secretary.  This society has been affiliated with the Union since its inception.
Christian Endeavor, at Galbraith AME Zion, has served the church since 1885 (church was founded in 1843).  The first president of the CE Society was Mary Shaw.  The GRCE Union's first president, Thaddeus Chase, was also a member of this society.
John Wesley AME Zion's Varick C.E. Society was organized in 1896.  The society has been affiliated with the Union since its inception. 
Christian Endeavor was organized at Mt. Rona Missionary Baptist Church on June 23, 1981, with the help of Alfred and Vivian Saunders (of First Baptist Church, Geogetown).  Doris Moore served as the first president of the Adult Society.  Mt. Rona became a member of the Union in 1981. 
The New Birth Baptist Church Christian Endeavor was organized in 1981. 
The Young People's Society of C.E., of the 19th Street Baptist Church, was organized in 1896 as an inspirational result of the International C.E. convention in Washington DC.  Mr. William Walker was the first president. 
St. Lucille AME Zion Church is the newest member church of the Union.  The church joined the Union on June 16, 2003, and was installed on November 17, 2003.
Third Baptist Church C.E. Society organized in 1906.  It came about after two church members attended a Christian Endeavor convention.  The society has been a Union member since 1924.  The society's first president was Mrs. Rebecca J. Gray.
Mrs. Louise Jackson organized the C.E. Society at Union Wesley AME Zion Church, in 1886.  It was incorporated into the A.M.E. Zion Convention in 1888.
The C.E. Society of Zion Baptist was organized more than 73 years ago with Dr. Childs as its first president.